Use AI to create accurate contract markups in minutes

Use custom playbooks across your team. DraftPilot will list issues and suggest fixes. You make the decisions.

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Benefit from AI, but stay in the driver’s seat


10x your drafting speed

AI flags issues and suggests redlines. You tweak and insert.


Custom Playbooks

Standardize how you negotiate by sharing custom playbooks across the team.


Integrated in MS Word

No need to change how you work. Stay in MS Word.


Just 3 minutes to get started

No integration time, calls or onboarding needed. Get started right away.


Focus on strategic work

Get mark-ups done in 10% of the time. Have time to focus on what matters.


Your contract data is safe

DraftPilot does not use your contracts for training data. All of your data remains highly confidential.

Spend less time on markups

  • DraftPilot AI will do your gruntwork in the background.
  • You remain fully visible to internal stakeholders and counterparties.
  • Spend 90% less time on BAU contracts.

Stay in control

  • Your company is unique and so are your legal positions.
  • DraftPilot comes with template playbooks but you can use or customise.
  • Reduce legal risk by standardising playbooks across your team.

Quality first

  • AI review tools are pointless if they regularly get it wrong.
  • We run the most accurate AI models and have tested DraftPilot on over 1,000 contracts.
  • DraftPilot was built from the ground up by lawyers, for lawyers.

Your data is secure

  • Your contracts belong to you.
  • We will never use your data to train our AI models.
  • Data is encrypted at rest (AES-256) and in transit (TLS 1.2).
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